What is Aquatic Massage?

aquatic massage
Aquatic massage is a supportive therapy utilizing gentle passive therapeutic movements in a therapeutic pool maintained at body temperature.

Pool noodles are often used to support the client during the treatment.



Who Can Benefit From Aquatic Massage?

  • Anyone who likes the water and likes massage therapy
  • People with Post-surgical Conditions
  • Rheumatoid / Osteo-arthritic Conditions
  • Pregnancy Discomfort
  • Neurological Conditions
  • All Joint Compromised Conditions

There is a sense of sensory isolation provided by the low gravity warm waters that helps the body to achieve deep physical and psychological relaxation. Aquatic massage is covered under extended health care benefits that cover massage therapy. A session is 50 minutes long.

Micro-current Point Stimulation:

What is Passive Stretch Massage?

Passive Stretch Massage (PSM) is a form of bodywork in which the client is dressed in loose clothing and positioned supine (face up) on a mat, while the therapist performs a series of relaxation techniques followed by tractioning of the limbs and head.

The therapist first teaches the client how to perform abdominal breathing then, assists the client to further relax by the use of gentle muscle squeezing, rocking and shaking techniques. As the client remains fully relaxed and breathes abdominally, the therapist slowly and gently tractions the client’s limbs in co-ordination with the client’s rhythmic breathing pattern, gradually increasing the traction of the limb until a full stretch has been achieved. The stretch is then slowly released and the limb is repositioned and stretched at a different angle.

PSM is very beneficial in the rehabilitation of such conditions as: whiplash, thoracic outlet syndrome, headaches, stress, reduced range of motion at any joint, degenerative disc disorder, sacro-iliac (SI) joint dysfunctions, sciatic problems, and non-specific low back pain. It also has a considerable positive effect on all soft tissues and joint structures.

What is Hydrotherapy?

hydrotherapy by Inner ReflectionsHydrotherapy is the use of water in the form of liquid, solid, or gas, either externally or internally for the prevention and treatment of disease or trauma.

External hydrotherapy falls under the scope of practice of massage therapy. It is used in conjunction with a massage therapy treatment or as a method of client self care. The effects produced with hydrotherapy are physiological, emotional and reflexive.

The therapeutic uses for hydrotherapy are:

Decreases Pain Decreases Pain
Decreases Muscle Spasm Decreases Muscle Spasm
Decreases Metabolic Rate Increases Metabolic Rate
Decreases Histamine Release Increases Connective Tissue Extensibility
Decreases Edema
Decreases Muscle Spasticity